Optimization solutions for your incoming and outgoing financial flows

Dematerialization is quite simply the disappearance of the circulation of paper within the company, or between companies. This disappearance must be accompanied by the right solutions, and above all, by the right internal decisions to remain respectful of the prevailing laws.

MLR Conseil assists you in the implementation of :

  • Dematerialization of supplier invoices : the processing of your supplier invoices is laborious, you lose some of them, the teams do not feel committed, your relationship with your suppliers who are not paid on time is deteriorating. A good IT solution coupled with a review of your processes allows you to address all of these elements. MLR Conseil experts have more than 50 projects to their credit. In particular, we have end-to-end expertise of the KOFAX Process Director solution, the leading solution on the SAP market in this area.
  • Dematerialization of customer invoices : your customer invoices are printed, sent, lost, not paid on time. By implementing our solutions, which are legally proven and certified by SAP, you can dispense with paper copies of your invoices and ensure a better follow-up directly in SAP.
  • The SISO solution combined with a certified trusted third party enables these projects to be processed in the best possible conditions in SAP.

«Dematerialization reduces the cost of document processing within the company by 50%.»

MLR Conseil also has many years of expertise in dematerialization legislation :

  • How to legally destroy hard copies of documents received in the company ?
  • How do you generate documents for your customers / employees in a legal and reliable electronic form ?

We can support you on each of these subjects with the expertise of the big players and the flexibility of a human-sized structure.

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