Automation of customer clearing

A smart solution that achieves automation rates of over 85%
MLR Conseil cabinet à Paris de gestion des lettrages clients, sécurisation des transactions fournisseurs

On the customer side, the accounting teams use precious time to reconcile customer payments with the open items of the ERP used. Some ERPs offer automatable functions that allow this reconciliation to be performed automatically with varying degrees of success.

The solution we recommend is an “intelligent” solution that learns as the user processes. By combining powerful algorithms with a Machine Learning function, the robot handling the customer lettering achieves automation rates of over 85% in just a few months.

Some clients even reach rates up to 95%.

The solution can interface with any ERP on the market. Connectors are already in place for the most well-known ones, particularly SAP, which allows real automation from one end of the process to the other.

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