Securing supplier transactions

Identify suspicious transactions and flaws in your processes
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You have been implementing solutions for the dematerialization of supplier invoices for several years. You may have an OCR solution, powerful automation algorithms in SAP. You may even have implemented additional controls in SAP to ensure that vendor transactions are processed as they should be.

It should not be forgotten that automatic processing can have flaws (OCR that would read a wrong reference, invoice control automation with an unwelcomed “bug”). But beyond automatic processing, we must not forget that behind your processing lies an essential but equally fallible element: the human being.

«We have set up an invoice validation workflow, we cannot pay the same invoice several times, the decision-makers are in command. »

A CIO once confided to us :

«I validate 500 invoices per month, quite honestly, if the same invoice arrives twice, I can remember that the service has been performed, but remembering that I’ve already validated the invoice once, it’s very complicated.»

This is the reality today: the risk of paying a supplier invoice several times is not only real, but proven. It is estimated that between 0.5 and 2% of invoices are wrongly paid by a company :

  • Because of internal procedures: too many workflows, incorrect OCR scans, too permissive ordering, “extended” authorisations for certain populations, etc.
  • Because of external problems: a supplier sends back his invoice several times and duplicates to several departments, etc. And all copies are paid for!
  • We are talking here about “involuntary” cases, but who hasn’t heard of the famous “president fraud”? Or an even more taboo subject: internal fraud?

The solution we offer allows you to identify suspicious transactions as soon as they are posted in your ERP system, so that you can block their payment as a preventive measure instead of fetching the wrongly moved money. You take advantage of this to identify flaws in your processes and prevent the different scenarios from happening again.

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