While providing great added value to customers is important, being able to answer their needs even if we don’t have the competencies at MLR Conseil is one of our commitments. This is why MLR Conseil is part of a network of consulting companies with a wide range of experiences and competencies. This enables MLR Conseil to be able to be reactive and pro-active also on wide-scope projects.


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Aware that having expertise in all possible subjects is clearly not possible in human size companies, MLR Conseil is working with partners who have all our trust. This is how MLR Conseil can answer questions, even when outside of our competencies. This is also a way for us to be able to answer to big-scoped projects. 

Around us :

effixens  EFFIXENS is a consulting company specialized in purchasing and logistics. 
thumb DPii-logo-vectorise-agrandi  DPii Telecom & Services is a company specialized in tax compliant dematerialization. Documents can be sent with authenticity certificates to your customers, vendors and employees using their interface (and SAP of course)
readsoft ReadSoft pioneer and leader in document automation solutions worldwide
thumb Logo-ShortWays-HD-en-whitebgd Shortways is an independent software vendor proposing an interactive and innovative virtual assistant to display information directly in applications such as SAP, Oracle and Salesforce.
censio  CENSIO Consulting is a consulting company specialized in the integration of information systems. We usually contact them when our customer has needs in decisional modules.  
ileven Ileven is specialized in Governance, Risks and Compliance solutions.