While providing great added value to customers is important, being able to answer their needs even if we don’t have the competencies at MLR Conseil is one of our commitments. This is why MLR Conseil is part of a network of consulting companies with a wide range of experiences and competencies. This enables MLR Conseil to be able to be reactive and pro-active also on wide-scope projects.


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Our work methods are based on easy postulates :

« a successful project is a project where all energy was used to ensure its quality during all its lifetime »

  • Our work methods include a delailed project follow-up. All the steps and tasks are associated with clearly identified and involved actors.
  • Minutes are written in an exhaustive way so that the customer knows the progress of each addressed point
  • Developments are audited by our team at different times of the project, in order to deliver a error free solution to the customer.
  • All our tests are the most exhaustive and fully documented

Transparency with our customer is also very important to MLR Conseil. The information has to move freely throughout the team, without being modified at each hierarchy level. There are many times where problems are hidden and only appear at the worst time possible. This is not our way of thinking. The problems must be identified and addressed as fast as possible. Everyone has his role to play in the project right handling, so that the delivery goes smoothly and with a total acceptance of all users.

Beyond these methods while in-project, we provide our customers with high added-value advice on the best solutions to set up. Saying NO to a customer who's asking for a solution that will not improve his business is essential. It is the guaranty of our state of mind : we are working for our customer, not for ourselves.

This is how we will use our Methodology on maintaining a constant quality on your projects.