While providing great added value to customers is important, being able to answer their needs even if we don’t have the competencies at MLR Conseil is one of our commitments. This is why MLR Conseil is part of a network of consulting companies with a wide range of experiences and competencies. This enables MLR Conseil to be able to be reactive and pro-active also on wide-scope projects.


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Delivering a project with great quality is one important thing, being able to use the tools that are linked to it is another one. While setting up your projects, we also train your teams for complete knowloedge and independence : key users, end users, administrators. Our business expertise and the knowledge of your work environment used with a pedagogy that has worked numerous times before will help your team progressing rapidly into using the new functionalities provided by your project.

Beyond training during projects, we also provide training sessions on more technical or functional aspects of your SAP system.

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