While providing great added value to customers is important, being able to answer their needs even if we don’t have the competencies at MLR Conseil is one of our commitments. This is why MLR Conseil is part of a network of consulting companies with a wide range of experiences and competencies. This enables MLR Conseil to be able to be reactive and pro-active also on wide-scope projects.


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Tax compliant dematerialization in SAP

New partnership...

In late 2013, MLR Conseil has connected to DPii Telecom & Services. This company created in 1986, member of the GS1 group, is specialized in the treatment of electronic document flows with certificates. Their solution is already used by 500+ customers for their sales, purchasing and HR documents. 

A partnership has naturally been signed between our 2 companies, since their business scope complete one another. MLR Conseil wants to be able to answer to the now common customer's question : "how do I get rid of the paper when I want to send a document and be tax compliant at the same time ?". MLR Conseil was not able to implement a solution until 2013, because of the technical background solution needed, and because of all the legal aspects in the tax compliant dematerialization. DPii Telecom & Services gives a solution to these 2 problems at the same time. 

There was only one thing missing...

... and a new packaged solution ! 

The link between SAP and DPii's solution "EDC" ! This link has been provided by MLR Conseil's expertise, on a business scope point of view, but also on a technical point of view : MLR Conseil has developed the SAP interface needed to use EDC module directly in SAP.

The following video shows a demonstration of how EDC solution works within SAP on 2 examples : the purchase order and the customer invoice. 


As you may have already understood, our collaboration has proved natural and benefits for our 2 companies can already been noticed. We hope that this will bring us to help our customers implementing this solution for their outgoing documents flows with high added value. 

MLR Conseil can help you setting up your document automation projects, for incoming and outgoing documents. You have a project but don't know where to start ? Don't hesitate and contact us