While providing great added value to customers is important, being able to answer their needs even if we don’t have the competencies at MLR Conseil is one of our commitments. This is why MLR Conseil is part of a network of consulting companies with a wide range of experiences and competencies. This enables MLR Conseil to be able to be reactive and pro-active also on wide-scope projects.


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Meet us at the Salons Solutions 2014

Salons Solutions 2014 Edition

This year, meet MLR CONSEIL at the Salons Solutions, on stand F45. This event will be help at the CNIT, La Défense in France, from September 30th (PM) til October 2nd 2014. It will be the perfect occasion to exchange about your projects and any question you may have.  


You will have the oppotunity to discuss with our experts about the document automation projects, for inbound as well as outbound business processes. Find out the errors to avoid, the best practices to set up : such a useful information source ! You can also contact us if you would like to receive an invite. 

Don't hesitate, come to our stand ! 

Tax compliant dematerialization in SAP

New partnership...

In late 2013, MLR Conseil has connected to DPii Telecom & Services. This company created in 1986, member of the GS1 group, is specialized in the treatment of electronic document flows with certificates. Their solution is already used by 500+ customers for their sales, purchasing and HR documents. 

A partnership has naturally been signed between our 2 companies, since their business scope complete one another. MLR Conseil wants to be able to answer to the now common customer's question : "how do I get rid of the paper when I want to send a document and be tax compliant at the same time ?". MLR Conseil was not able to implement a solution until 2013, because of the technical background solution needed, and because of all the legal aspects in the tax compliant dematerialization. DPii Telecom & Services gives a solution to these 2 problems at the same time. 

There was only one thing missing...

... and a new packaged solution ! 

The link between SAP and DPii's solution "EDC" ! This link has been provided by MLR Conseil's expertise, on a business scope point of view, but also on a technical point of view : MLR Conseil has developed the SAP interface needed to use EDC module directly in SAP.

The following video shows a demonstration of how EDC solution works within SAP on 2 examples : the purchase order and the customer invoice. 


As you may have already understood, our collaboration has proved natural and benefits for our 2 companies can already been noticed. We hope that this will bring us to help our customers implementing this solution for their outgoing documents flows with high added value. 

MLR Conseil can help you setting up your document automation projects, for incoming and outgoing documents. You have a project but don't know where to start ? Don't hesitate and contact us 

Using the document automation as a change management tool


Our customer A wants to set up a document automation process for his vendor invoices. He would like his team to improve their overall efficiency and would be happy if the ROI was fast.

Faced Problems

The customer is wondering many things about how to set up his project in the best way possible : « which documents should I try to automate ? which workflow should I implement ? Who are the person responsible for this kind of document in my company ? How can I adapt my future product to my company’s way of working ? What treatments can be partially or fully automized ? ».

The answer to these questions and lots of other ones will definitely help this customer to set up a quality project. But he has to keep one thing in mind, he must not mix the goal and the tool : the customer’s own organization is the source of all the answers.


Whatever the chosen software for the document automation project, it will only be a tool at the customer’s project’s service. The document automation project must never be enslaved to an old-school organisational model that does little or not work. A document automation project is a real opportuniy to have a closer look into the department organization, to enhance the responsilibities of decision makers in the company, responsabilize and to make the needed changes.

Setting up new tools can make easier the introduction of new business rules. End user scan interpret these new rules as mandatory options of the new software : « the new software makes it mandatory to have an electronic validation workflow for these invoices before paying the vendor », « the new software does not allow generic users to approve the invoices ». The important thing is to work efficiently some time before the actual document automation project on the wanted (or needed) organization of the company for the relevant process. These new processes must be considered with every needed actor, and giving them legitimity inside the company by explaining them is a good way of making them accepted.

On the other hand, the new tool must not be the culprit for all unwanted or non-understood decisions. If that was the case, it would be rejected by the end users, and the project could simply fail, even with the best project team investment possible.

Final word

It is really important to work on business processes before setting up a document automation project. The project itself is only to tool to make your ideas and new processes come true. This is why it is necessary to clearly identifiy the weak points and strong advantages of your organization, to responsibilize the key people. These steps will be the ones to help you improve your global efficiency.

MLR Conseil can help you in your change management during your projects. Any questions ? Don’t hesitate and contact us !

The new "MLR Conseil" website is online !

After almost 3 years since its creation, it was time for MLR Conseil to get a new website, faster, clearer, more in relation with our view of the consulting world.

In this new Website, you will find the description of our values and competencies. We will keep the newsfeed updated with new articles every now and then, so don’t hesitate to come and have a look whenever you can. We will write about the actual market and about business cases we have met with some customers.

If you have remarks or want to talk about projects or ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us ! See you soon for the next news !

PS : a big thank you for Portobello’s team who has worked with great value on this new website.