While providing great added value to customers is important, being able to answer their needs even if we don’t have the competencies at MLR Conseil is one of our commitments. This is why MLR Conseil is part of a network of consulting companies with a wide range of experiences and competencies. This enables MLR Conseil to be able to be reactive and pro-active also on wide-scope projects.


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The identity

MLR Conseil is a consulting company created in 2010. We are specialists in SAP solution integration, and in document automation solutions implementation.

As a human sized company, our main asset is the voluntariness and the competencies of each of our collaborators. Each one of them is unique and shows ....

Our relations with our customers can be resumed in a few words :

"working in a spirit of mutual understanding and partnership, sometimes beyond contractual bonds, is essential to handle successful projects"

We are glad to experience this way of working, this relationship nature, with our customers who are happy with our frankness and the quality of our services. (témoignages)

The "orange" color is here to materialize this way of working and all our collaborators qualities. It reminds them that they have to give the best of themselves to deliver constant quality results, whatever the project difficulty, whatever our customer's size. Orange is stimulating our minds and hearts for the best creativity in our work.